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When you're a challenger brand, it's always a struggle to stay relevant in an industry dominated by 2 powerhouses. Without large marketing budgets, you need to find new ways to make an impact. 

Over the years I've been able to capitalize on multiple opportunities to get competitive, poking Apple and Samsung and getting a ton of attention along the way. The tech community and press thrive on these moments of honesty and HTC was included in the larger narrative. 

When the iPhone 7 was released, they touted the innovation of their dual cameras. We debuted this 2 years prior on our HTC One M8 and wanted to remind the tech world who was truly innovating.


"HTC Reminds Us That They Had A Dual Camera Smartphone First" - UberGizmo

Samsung's Galaxy S5's design was immediately criticized by the community and we wanted to add fuel tot he fire. We made a subtle dig, drawing comparisons between their design and bandaids, matching their colors.


"HTC gleefully trashes the Galaxy S5 with brutal Band-Aid graphic" - BGR

To draw attention for our upcoming launch event, we immediately responded to Samsung's Galaxy S5 announcement with a snarky response that gave customers a reason to hold off on their purchase and tune in to our event.


"HTC takes a jab at the Samsung Galaxy S5: “buyer’s remorse coming soon”" - Android Authority

Not competitive, but as the flat earth movement was gaining steam with an infamous twitter argument between B.O.B. and Neil Degrasse Tyson, we wanted to have fun with it.